In 1974, the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society was founded as a local organization in Kirchberg am Wechsel, Lower Austria. One reason for this choice of place was that in the twenties Wittgenstein taught at elementary schools in the surrounding area. In 1976, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Wittgenstein’s death, a small conference took place, the ‘Wittgenstein Days.’ In retrospect, the designation “Wittgenstein Days” was changed to “First International Wittgenstein Symposium.” Shortly afterwards, a committee was founded. This committee was responsible for the much larger Second International Wittgenstein Symposium and all subsequent symposia. The symposia and other activities are sponsored mainly by the government of Lower Austria and the Federal Ministry for Science and Research.

Festschrift zum 30. IWS (pdf)

The International Wittgenstein Symposia A Survey of Topics 1976 - 2011