Symposium Reviews

Dear visitors of the website of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society,

you can find information of the past symposia here: announcements, programs and abstracts can be downloaded here. These old files are not only part of the ALWS history, but they are also footprints of scholars who have visited Kirchberg.

Review of the 40th Wittgenstein Symposium 2017

Review of the 39th Wittgenstein Symposium 2016

Review of the 38th Wittgenstein Symposium 2015

Review of the 37th Wittgenstein Symposium 2014

Review of the 36th Wittgenstein Symposium 2013

Review of the 35th Wittgenstein Symposium 2012

Review of the 34th Wittgenstein Symposium 2011

Review of the 33rd Wittgenstein Symposium 2010

Review of the 32nd Wittgenstein Symposium 2009

Review of the 31st Wittgenstein Symposium 2008

Review of the 30th Wittgenstein Symposium 2007

IWS – A Survey of Topics 1976–2016

Festschrift to the 30th International Wittgenstein Symposium

Christian Kanzian / Volker Munz / Sascha Windholz (eds.):
Wir hoffen jedes Jahr noch ein weiteres Symposium machen zu können (pdf)